Quality assured
working REST API
in <15 minutes!

Frontend and backend developers can use rest-tool to efficiently create and maintain their contract in the form of REST API specification which acts as a DMZ during the development and provides instant unit tests and HTML format documentation.

Current version: v0.5.2

Get Started

Rapid development

Create a working REST API project from scratch in less than 15 minutes.

Language Agnostic Approach

The API relies on the HTTP protocol specification, and fully language and technology agnostic.

Loose coupling

Frontent and backend developers can use the tool for fast prototyping and efficiently negotiate the API. The two teams can work concurrently and independently from each other.

Built-in Quality Assurance

The tool verifies that both the frontend and backend works according to the specification.

Automated Testing and Validation

Generate test cases to test either the mock server and the real test/production servers

Instant Documentation

Generate/Update the HTML format documentation of the REST API

Instant (static and dynamic) mocking

Instantly provides the specified REST API functionality via a Node.js server.

Flexible Frontend Development

Deployment-free Frontend Development

The mock server provides your web UI frontend source as static content during the development.

The mock server's proxy feature enables you to test your web UI frontend directly against 3rd party application servers without deployment.

Highly Customizable

Template based, customizable documentation pages, test cases and service implementations.